South Island Road Map New Zealand

By | August 18, 2020

South Island Road Map New Zealand

Yesterday the New Zealand government announced a $200 million boost for regional tourism to keep operators open and travel bubble ready. Along with a giant Kiwi and a surreal advertising pitch for A new walking/biking track has opened on the South Island of New Zealand, and Barry’s excited to share some of the highlights with us. A bed bug infestation in one hut on the Old Ghost Road track in the north west South Island has forced all of the huts along the 85 kilometre track to be treated. It is the first time bed bugs have

A northwesterly airflow lies over the South Island and lower North Island today, moving around a high pressure system A front fizzles out over the South Island today with high pressure regaining control over much of the country.

New Zealand offers boundless opportunities to scramble up scree, spot wildlife in the wild, and lose yourself in the outdoors. Richard Jones and his wife Jenny take us on a tour of two islands New Zealand, Australia’s rather more self-effacing neighbour, is an ideal place to escape the Northern European winter. Just as we in

South Island Road Map New Zealand : Vets in Dunedin, New Zealand, are making strides in helping endangered penguins. Determined, yet bitten and flipper bashed, they’re treating these patients one bird at a time. Autumn chills have set in for Otago and other parts of the South Island, with a further bite on the way. Otago woke this morning to the chilliest start of the year so far, with overnight temperatures Life will never be quite the same for two Kiwi food innovators who are set to see their fledgling products in New World stores right across the country, after winning the nationwide FoodStarter

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